Working with us on our project is a multi-disciplinary team with expertise and experience in all aspects of project management, architecture, urban design, traffic and transportation management, civil engineering and communication.

The key team members are:

Development Management:
Philon is providing ongoing advice on the range of land uses that will be required to ensure the project is financially viable and caters to the club’s long term needs.

Project Management:
Cerno Management is undertaking the day to day management of the development project, overseeing the project from Master Plan through to the Planning Proposal and then the relevant Development Applications.

Architects Contempo undertook the architectural modelling that tested the building forms for the Master Plan.

Following an architectural competition, the club appointed Marchese Partners as the architectural firm to design the new Campsie RSL development that will now for a Development Application for Stage 1.

Urban Design:
GMU Urban Design & Architecture was responsible for formulating the Master Plan and the design controls.

Urbis prepared the Planning Proposal that seeks Council approval for amending the Canterbury Local Environmental Plan 2012.

Traffic and Transportation:
GTA Consultants is undertaking the traffic and transportation assessment for the project, ensuring better access to car parking and improved traffic flows around our site.