Clubs are community owned organisations that aim to deliver the needs of the community and offer a hub in which local people gather. Profits which are generated through club activities are then used to further support our community in which we operate – the Campsie community.

To this end, clubs must adapt to remain relevant to their community and we are partnering with the Campsie community to ask them what our club should be and what services it should deliver.

Building on a base of community need and creating a concept for our club that blends a diverse mix of ages and demographics is vital.

The concept for the new Campsie RSL is to develop a truly inter-generational community precinct – combining a social hub with services for all ages, from childcare and family dining through to exercise classes, retail and residential living.

This would be the new Campsie RSL, a venue that consistently puts the community first, remains not for profit and results in a stronger economy, more employment for local people and benefits for the entire Campsie community.