In order to consider options for expanded uses and facilities on the Campsie RSL site, the master plan will require potential changes to the zoning, height and floor space controls that currently apply to the land under the Canterbury LEP (Local Environmental Plan) 2012.

With the full support of the Club’s Executive Committee, we’ve been working on this project since late 2014, undertaking investigations to determine the site’s suitability and development potential.

These investigations confirmed that the site can support an expanded range of uses and these would be economically viable on the site.

Since engaging a multi-disciplinary team, the club has worked with consultants to explore options for the design and built form of a new precinct on the site.

Community consultation identified the preferred master plan for the club that reflects community and stakeholder attitudes.

The preferred master plan has now informed the Planning Proposal and requests amendments to the Canterbury LEP.

Since the lodgement of the Planning Proposal in November 2015, the club has been working on the preparation of a Development Application for the Stage 1 Works for the proposed new Campsie RSL.

Following an architectural design competition, Marchese Partners has been appointed as the architects for the redevelopment and they are currently preparing a design for a Development Application. 

This development application will propose the scope of work as part of Stage 1, which includes 50 seniors living units and basement car parking.