Why is the club doing this?

This development will allow the club to grow, continue to contribute to the community and plan a vibrant future for Campsie.

Campsie RSL is a not for profit organisation that supports local community groups. Giving back to the community is in every local club’s DNA – it’s the reason why clubs exist and our club contributes to a variety of local schools, community groups and sporting clubs each year.

The club are undertaking this project to enable them to give more back to the community and to create a vibrant destination for Campsie.

What are the plans for this development?

Campsie RSL is working through a process of developing a Master Plan for the site. These plans are underway.

We will continue to serve the best interests of the community and members.

Our plan is to create a sustainable social precinct with mixed uses for people of all ages.

What is the club planning for the site?

The club is exploring the potential for additional uses to be developed on the site including:

  • speciality shops
  • fitness centre
  • child care facility
  • medical centre
  • residential living apartments
  • improved parking
  • expanded club facilities

How will the community benefit from the clubs redevelopment?

The proposed redevelopment of Campsie RSL aims to provide the Campsie community with improved facilities, greater access to child care and medical assistance and improved parking.

The redevelopment would bring a great deal of economic and social benefit to the Campsie community, creating more jobs and injecting more money per year into the local economy.

In the spirit of our original legacy, Campsie RSL currently contributes more than $400,000 annually to support local community events and the club is eager to significantly increase this local community contribution following its redevelopment.

When will the process start and what is the process?

We have been working on this project since late 2014, undertaking investigations to determine the site’s suitability and development potential.

We know from these investigations that the site can support an expanded range of uses and these would be economically viable on the site.

We are currently working through options with everyone invited to be involved (community, members, staff, local council) to develop a ‘Master Plan’.

Community consultation will now identify the preferred Master Plan for the club that reflects the community and stakeholder attitudes.

When will construction start?

The Master Plan and planning proposal will have to be presented and considered by Canterbury City Council before any construction begins.

We estimate construction will not commence for 3 to 5 years.

Where can we see the plans?

This website as the most general information about the project, however the public are also encouraged to view the planning and community consultation site at www.campsierslproject.com

Support materials are also available in the club.

Will the club be moving?

The club will remain on the site.

Will the development impact the ANZAC Park?

The development would not jeopardise the amenity of ANZAC park or its historical significance.

How is the club going to afford this?

The Club knows from these investigations that the site can support an expanded range of uses and these would be economically viable on the site.

How can I have my say?

All members, staff and the community are being invited to have their say. To get involved in the project simply:

  • Phone the community consultation line on 1800 TALKTOUS (1800 8255 86 87)
  • Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A translating and interpreting service is available via the community line on 1800 TALKTOUS, during business hours.