The spiritual foundation of our club, the Campsie RSL sub-branch, was established on 10 September 1928. However at this time we were a club without a home – we had no physical location for our members to meet or work from.

It was a clear sense of community and service to country that fuelled the creation of our club.

With dedication, it took 22 years of passionate, tireless work and fundraising from community members to eventually purchase an army hut, which served as our club’s home until 1950.

After many more extensions the club as we know it today was opened on 13 December 1969.

Over the years there have been many changes to our club, but our commitment to the Campsie community has never faltered. Campsie RSL is a proud part of the diverse and thriving community of Campsie and supports a number of local charities, schools and organisations.

We are inspired by our past roots and proud tradition and look forward to continuing to deliver a vibrant future.